• Revita helps you learn the language of your choice by doing exercises with stories that interest you.
  • You can exercise with any text of your own choice, which you upload yourself, or with the library of sample texts that we have uploaded for everyone to use

Adding your own content:
  • You can upload a text—any text—into the system.
    • in text format—.txt, .doc, or .docx;
    • or copy/paste into the text box;
    • or give a Web link that contains the text you are interested in.
  • Please upload texts that you are interested in—texts with which you will enjoy working.
  • Revita goes through the story, and automatically generates exercises—puzzles—based on your chosen text.
Revita creates exercises based on your story:
  • You may begin by reading the story, or go directly to the exercises.
  • Exercises: Revita hides some of the words in the story, and gives you a hint for the hidden word—its "base" form (how it appears in a dictionary).
  • The student has to produce the correct form of the word, which suits the context of the story.
  • After you answer a puzzle, the system provides immediate feedback—which answers were correct or incorrect. For every correct answer you get one point (an apple), for each incorrect one, you lose a point.
  • You can click on any unfamiliar word—Revita tries to provide its dictionary definition.
  • For some languages, Revita also tries to pronounce the word. (If you don't want to hear the pronunciation, you can click on the speaker to mute it.)
  • Unfamiliar words are stored into your own deck of flashcards.
  • You can review your collected flashcards—this is another exercise, to test your vocabulary.
  • Revita can also build a crossword puzzle based on your story.
  • You can return to the same story many times, and every time the exercises will be new, different—they are created automatically.
  • The system will keep track of your answers to all exercises, flashcards, etc.—and use them to offer you exercises that better suit your level—it tries to avoid asking questions, which you have mastered, or which would be too difficult for you at present.
  • The more time you spend practicing, the more you learn the language, and the better Revita can adapt to your level and produce exercises better suited for you.
The same story may be practiced many times:
  • The exercises will be different each time, since they are created randomly
  • This is done to make the practice more varied and interesting.
Interaction with other users:
  • You can share your uploaded stories with your friends. You will need to know the the email of your friend in Revita.
  • A teacher can share a story with an entire group of students.
  • If you do not wish to receive stories from a certain user, you can add him to your blocked list.